Race Rules

Racing is simple....the races are held in a circular track and roaches are then let go from an upturned bucket in the middle...first to the edge is a winner. Things are made a little more difficult in the steeplechase events where a circular fence (garden hose) is used to enhance the spectacle and test the roach talent.


There is no betting as such on the races . Instead punters pay $5 to buy a roach and $5 to enter it or their own in a race.....all roaches are numbered (not an easy job), with first second and third receiving prizes..First gets a pack from the race sponsor and a trophy, second and third get a cash prize.

We do supply Cockroaches, we buy them and fly them up from Melbourne (true..believe it or not), but this is often not enough, so patrons are be encouraged to BYO roach.

(Society of Cockroach Only Gaming)

  1. Races are only open to entrants registered and weighed in by the stewards prior to event.
  2. It is the job of the stewards to catch the first 3 cockies across the line. Their decision is final.
  3. After each event, entrants may be re-entered in further events (if you can catch them). Best wishes and good luck  to any of the entrants which evade capture.....we hope to see you next year.
  4. Flying will not be tolerated, entrants thought to have gained an unfair air-born advantage will be disqualified. If disqualified entrants may be banned from competing in future events.
  5. Ownership of entrants ceases after each race.
  6. Only stewards are permitted on 'The Olde Canvasse'. Pitch invaders are liable to a $100,000,000.00 fine.
  7. The cost of entering a 'Roach is $5.00. Prizes are as follows; 1st place - Sponsors Prize & Trophy.  2nd place -  $25 Cash!!. 3rd place $15.00. Scientifically bred Cockroaches (of the highest calibre) can be purchased from the  Stewards.
  8. As outlined by the governing bodies, entrants may be tested for performance enhancing substances at any time.  Penalties are severe! Owners are  advised that stewards will also be scanning for so called "natural" enhancers  e.g. coffee, white sugar, and red cordial to name a few.
  9. The Cockroach Races are first and foremost a fun event. All funds raised in this event from the buying or entering of 'Roaches go to Variety. Therefore anyone who disagrees with the official  rules,  the running of the event or decisions made by the Stewards, will be considered to be  "Wowsers of the highest  order" and not very Australian at all.